In most production music libraries/stock music services, there are usually two main reasons you will have to pay for the use of their music:

1) Synchronization license
You are generally able to pay the fee for Synchronization license on the website of production music libraries/stock music services. Therefore, you can become an official licensee of the music to use it in your audio-visual productions.

2) Performance royalties
The performance rights of music are usually affiliated with the Copyright Collecting Societies (a.k.a. Performance rights Organization, e.g., ASCAP, BMI, PRS). And the above synchronization license fee does not usually include the performance royalties. So, the end-users (often your clients) will have to pay an additional fee to the respective Collecting Societies.

Ligar Music Library is the sole rights-holder of our music. Copyrights and neighboring rights were legally transferred from the composer to us. And we are NOT affiliated with any Copyright Collecting Societies.
Therefore, the licensing process is completed with a SINGLE PAYMENT directly to us. No other payments will have to be made to any third parties.

It's the 100% royalty-free music license.

Our license covers almost all media and usage.
You can check them on the License page.
If you have a concern about your productions, please don't hesitate to ask us here.

Yes, of course.

Yes, of course.

Yes, of course.
There is no additional fee even for advertising purpose.

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to use the tracks for multiple projects or multiple clients by our license.
Our license covers a single project.

Our license covers almost all media and usage. But there are a few exceptions.
You can check them on the License page.

You don't need to concern about cue sheets. We don't affiliate or register any copyright to any Collecting Societies. So you don't need to send up any cue sheets even if you use our tracks in TV programs.

Yes, of course.
You can download the mp3 format file of the desired tracks on the 'Music' page when you logged in.   Download icon
It has a watermark voices but it should be helpful for editing your productions.

No, you don't need to credit anything.
However, we would appreciate if you could mention us, or send us your video, or a link to view your video, so that we may also help to promote it on our own channels.
When you can credit our name, please use the following:
     Production music by Ligar Music Library

No, you don't need to pay any fees or to make any procedures.
We don't affiliate or register any copyrights and neighboring rights to any collecting societies.
Our license fee is the only thing you need to pay.