Music Search

There are two basic ways to search for music on the 'Music' page.
1) Free Keyword Search
Keyword Search
You can type any
keywords you can think of here.

2) Category Search (Genres/Moods/Energy/Feelings/Instruments/Tempo)

On the left side of the 'Music' page, you can search for music by selecting items in each category. You can select as many items as you like. When you click the green triangle icon, the items belong to each category will dropdown.

And you can use these two search function in combination.
If you want to clear all filters, click the 'Clear' button.
Clear Button

There are three sub search features as well.
Albums, Curated Playlists, Latest Tracks

1) Albums
2) Curated Playlists
3) Latest Tracks
They should be helpful for your searching for music.

And at the end, we have the 'Similar Tracks' feature. Using our original algorithm you can find similar tracks of a particular track by clicking the Similar Tracks Icon icon on the search result list.

The search result list and the music player (the bottom of the page) on the 'Music' page have functions in common.

1) Play the main version
Play Button
Clicking the play button will start playing the main version.

2) Play alternative versions
Play Alt. Versions
All of our tracks have 1-5 alternative mix version (i.e., without melody, without drums, etc.).
Clicking this button will start playing each alternative version.

3) More information
Track Title and More Information
By clicking the green triangle icon, additional information on the track will show up.
(When you use a smartphone, you can jump to the additional information page by clicking the title of the track.)

4) Useful features
There are four icons of useful features on the right side of the row (or the player).
Download mp3
Similar Tracks
Add to Playlist
Add to Cart

(from left to right)

A curated playlist is a playlist which is curated by our music curator for a specific purpose.
It may help you to find proper tracks for your production.

An album is a playlist which is created by our music director/producer for a specific genre or style.
It may help you to find proper tracks for your production.

The 'My Playlist' function allows you to store music you are considering for purchase or your favorite music. You can create several playlists within 'My Playlist' allowing you to save music for later by project, or by the client.

You can create a new playlist by clicking 'New Playlist' button. And you can also delete or rename your playlist as you like.

And you can easily purchase a music license from your playlists by adding the desired track to your shopping cart.

For adding tracks to your playlists, click the Add to Playlist icon icon of the desired track on 'Music' page.  

You can find your 'My Playlist' in your account page. You can go to your account page by clicking your account name on the right side of the header menu.