Ligar Music Library License Agreement


This License agreement authorizes the Licensee to use Ligar Music Library’s music and recordings (hereafter “Ligar Music Library”) by Ligar Music Co., Ltd. (the Licensor).  By downloading audio files and making payment at, the licensee agrees to be bound by the terms of this License Agreement.

Rights Granted

By purchasing a “License,” the Licensee is granted the right to use Ligar Music Library for the purpose of single audio-visual production in the following applications:
synchronize Ligar Music Library; and
mechanical reproduction; and
public performance.

The Licensor hereby grants to the licensee the followings:
use in any country or area; and
use in perpetuity; and
use in any media; and
use in single audio-visual production; and
non-exclusive license.


The Licensee is prohibited from any of the following actions and use:
To use in feature films (60 min. or longer) which have the budget more than US$1,000,000;
To use in apps and video games; which have the number of distribution more than 1,000 units;
To copy, lend, resell, and/or give unsynchronized music of the Ligar Music Library to any third party;
To store unsynchronized music of the Ligar Music Library on an internet server and/or release to any third party;
To make new “copyrighted musical works” based on the music and/or the recordings of Ligar Music Library;
To use in works that violate public order and morals.


The Licensor guarantees that it owns the copyrights and neighboring rights of the Ligar Music Library, and it does not affiliate or register the copyrights to any Copyright Collecting Societies (a.k.a. PRO).


The Licensor does not bear any liability for commercial loss incurred through the use of Ligar Music Library.

Applicable law

This license agreement is entered into in accordance with Japanese law.  Any disputes will be settled in a Japanese court of law.

Ligar Music Co.,Ltd.

Last updated on September 1st, 2019.