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Ligar Music Library Privacy Policy

Ligar Music Library recognizes that the growth of internet commerce has created additional privacy concerns, especially regarding personally identifiable information.  We take these concerns very seriously and have provided this privacy policy to give a clear understanding of how we use any personally identifiable information obtained by us.  Ligar Music Library maintains a strict customer information privacy policy to protect any website visitor information we obtain.  This information comes from two main sources:  Customer information provided in order to process transactions and visitor information obtained when our website is viewed.


Customer Information
In order to process transactions we must collect certain information from our customers to open and administer accounts, process transactions, deliver purchases and, should you choose to receive it, provide information about new product releases, upcoming events, etc.  This information includes some, or all of the following:  Customer name, address, telephone number and email address. This information is stored on a secure server and will never be disclosed to third parties unless required by law.


Visitor Information Tracked By Cookies and Website Analytics
Ligar Music Library uses analytics software to track visitor behavior on our website.  This analytics software makes use of cookies for this purpose.  When you visit our website, cookies are attached to your hard drive.  Cookies are text files that collect data on standard visitor behavior on an entirely anonymous basis.  Cookies are not used to collect any personally identifiable information about you.  The purpose of this activity is to gain knowledge about overall (non-personal) visitor behavior, preferences and trends to improve the quality of our music library.


Security Practices
Ligar Music Library uses industry-standard security practices to provide a secure online environment to protect confidentiality, prevent loss or diversion, unauthorized use or alteration of any information provided to us by our website visitors and customers.


By visiting our website or opening an account with Ligar Music Library you consent to the use of your personal data as described above.


If you have any questions concerning the use of this data, or have any request regarding your personal data, please contact us at


Storage, Processing and Transferring
Ligar Music Library is a Japanese corporation with its principle place of business in Japan. We currently store and process your personal data in Japan, but may in the future store and process such information in countries other than Japan (such as by using a cloud computing service). By using our services, you consent to the storage, processing and transferring of your personal information outside of your jurisdiction.


Newsletters and Updates
We invite you to sign up to receive information about new product offerings, upcoming events, industry news, etc. via our newsletters and updates.  If you later decide that you no longer wish to receive our newsletters and updates, you can simply remove the check on 'Edit Profile' page to opt-out from our newsletter list.


External Links
Ligar Music Library is not responsible for the privacy practices of any third party websites linking to or from this site.


Changes to our Privacy Policy
From time to time it may become necessary to make changes to this policy.  Please refer to our website to review the current version of our privacy policy.  Protection of your personal data is a top priority for Ligar Music Library and is governed by the privacy policy and laws in effect at the time of purchase or visitation to our site.

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