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< about this website >

Q) Do I need to create an account and log in to use this site?
A) You may use this site without logging in, but you need to log in if you would like to use My Playlist or to purchase music.  We encourage you to create an account.

Q) What are the functions that require me to log in?
A) You must log in to access My Playlist, Make Payment, and the MP3 File for Audition Purposes download functions.

Q) What is an MP3 File for Audition Purposes?
A) You can use these music files when you would like to make a presentation of music to your clients for their approval.  You may use these files prior to purchasing a license.  These files are the same as the ones you hear on our site.  However, they contain human voices used as "watermark" in the samples.

< about License and Usage >

Q) Do I need to insert a credit to the composers or Ligar Music Library in the production?
A) No, you do not need to do that.

Q) Are there any limits to the term during which I can use the music?
A) No, you can use the music permanently within the limits of usage specified in the license agreement.

Q) Are there any geographical limitations specifying where the music can or cannot be used?
A) No, you can use the music anywhere in the world within the limits specified in the license agreement.

Q) Do I need to perform any procedures or pay a Copyright Collecting Society?
A) No, this is not necessary.  LIgar Music Library possesses all rights to the sound and recordings.

Q) What is the range of the license?
A) Please refer to the Terms of Use page where this is described in detail.  If you have any questions please contact us using the Contact form.

Q) Can I obtain Ligar Music Library’s music from any other music library company?
A) No, we hold exclusive copyrights from the composers.  You cannot get our music from the websites of other companies (except offically licensed websites from us).

Q) Am I required to report to you when making use of Ligar Music Library’s music?
A) Please inform us when the usage is subject to the terms of the Additional Licenses by using our special form.  Basically, you do not have an obligation to report to us, but please let us know if possible.  When you do so, please include URLs (i.e. YouTube, etc.) to enable us to view to it.  We can introduce your work and the link to your work on our website.

< about Payment and Download >

Q) There is a prompt to input coupon codes before making payment.  Where can I obtain these coupon codes?
A) We provide valid coupon codes on our information page when we conduct promotional campaigns.  Please check our information page for currently valid coupon codes.

Q)  Is my payment information secure?
A)  Our site uses a secure server for payment procedures.  In addition, we use PayPal to finalize your payment.  Therefore, you have the peace of mind knowing that your credit card information is secure.

Q) What about Value Added Tax issues?
A) Only residents of Japan need to pay any value added tax.  For customers who are purchasing from Japan, the prices indicated are inclusive of all taxes.

Q) What happens if I fail downloading my files?
A) You can download your files up to 14 days following your date of purchase.  We will send you a URL to the download site via email.  Using this URL, please try your download again.

Q) What types of audio files are available?
A) We use the WAVE file format.  You can download your files not only in CD quality 16bit44.1 kHz (which other companies normally use) but also High Resolution Audio File 24bit48 kHz at our site.

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