About "Ligar Music Library"

Ligar Music Library is a 100% royalty-free production music library/stock music service with high-quality tracks. The tracks are created by well-experienced talented composers. And all rights are legally transferred to us. We are the sole rightsholder of our music.

Music license is always complicated, and sometimes there may be traps and cheaty things. We know these things are bothering every video creators. We can solve this issue.
Music license purchased from Ligar Music Library does not have any hidden costs, with no need for you to make additional payments to any Copyright Collecting Societies (a.k.a. PRO).

Since our inception in 2009, we have become a trusted brand for broadcasters, production houses, and video creators, and our music has been heard around the world.
We aim to provide risk-free, top-notch music for all your video production needs.