How long should my video be?

POST : 11-24-2022

There’s been quite a bit of talk about the best length for online videos. However, let’s face it, there's nothing like an ideal video length. It depends upon the sort of video you're making. The thing works just like it does with movies. Occasionally you do not mind movies that are longer than two and a half hours because they hold your interest. All the same, there are likewise movies that are great only if they're short.

Consider those action flicks that everybody loves to watch so much - Do you think they'd have the same sort of appeal if they were stretched on interminably? Of course, having great audio and music will definitely increase the appeal and make your video a lot more watchable.

The same sort of logic applies to videos that you utilize for promoting your business. Yes, the proportionate time limits are much shorter here, but the rationale is the same. Give individuals something interesting or valuable, and they won't mind if it is a tad bit too long. Or else you might make a breezy entertainer that doesn't last more than a minute.


How long should my video be?

Though there are decidedly no rules about the length of video marketing, the following are a few points that you may want to abide by:-

  • If you're making a funny advertisement, do not make it more than a minute in length. On the Internet, the rule is "the shorter, the funnier".
  • If you're revealing something special through your video - it might be a snag in your competitor's product or something revolutionary about your line of business itself - do not rub it in too much. Just say whatever you wish to say once and repeat it once at the end. As far as the length goes, stretching it on the far side of a minute dilutes the effect. If you wish to give additional details, put up a different video later on and link it to this first one.
  • If you're giving instructions through your video on using your product, you'll need to be as detailed as possible. With instructions, a length of about 4-5 minutes is apt.
  • Stretching it on the far side of this may prove to be boring.
  • No headshot video must be more than a minute in length unless you're getting someone else to speak for you! Just speak out of the crucial details and make more videos if you wish to, instead of keeping one long one.

Naturally, there are exceptions. If you think what you are telling is of true value and will spur the interest of the watcher, go on and make it longer.

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