How to choose the right music for your video Pt.1

POST : 12-19-2022

Choosing the right music for your video might be the most dreaded part of video production. But here are a few tips to help ease that process a little bit. Let’s talk about setting the right mood for your video.


Let the music set the tone - Choose the right energy level

A chill coffee house might want something a little more mellow and calm to go with a cup of joe. On the other hand, a bar might want something more upbeat to keep their customers in a good mood.

Best supporting role - Don’t let the music dominate

There is a saying that the best type of music is the kind you don’t realize it’s there till it’s gone. The role of music is crucial in the sense that it elevates your music and content to the next level without it being overwhelming. You want to keep your viewer at the moment and not let it distract your audience out of the message you are trying to convey.

How to choose the right music for your video
Be careful with words - Choose complementing lyrics

Lyrics are tricky things. How often have you heard a song where you misheard the lyrics without realizing it? Though it might have a great beat, the meaning of the lyrics might not be in line with your video message. Additionally, be especially careful when using music with lyrics for videos with a voice-over. They might prove too distracting audibly and just turn out a mess. When in doubt, avoid music with lyrics for your videos.

Use the best parts - Time your oomph

Most music pieces are composed with an arc in them. Don’t be afraid to edit your music to time those impacts with the most important part of the message. For a video ad, you might choose to drop the first part of most tracks, as the first 15 to 30 seconds would be a gradual build-up in the audio track. Use the beat and the cymbals, the drops and the high notes for the best part of your video.

Most importantly, trust in your instincts. If you think it sounds good and looks good, it should be for your audience too! Have fun making a great-sounding video!

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