Types Of Video Content To Attract New Audiences Pt.1

POST : 08-19-2022

So you want to make a video, but you’re running out of ideas. Well, here are a few more to get your brain juices flowing.


Idea #1: Educational Videos

Many shy away from educational videos as they believe they give too much away, thus diluting their brand and business. On the contrary, educational videos show how much you and your business are thought leaders and experts in your field and build trust with your potential clients. These videos tend to be a bit longer, but they also subsequently go a long way.

Idea #2: Listicles

Speaking about educational videos, listicles are a great way to go. You provide bite-sized information to your audience in a video, allowing their senses to be stimulated and for them to soak in what you’re showing them. These video listicles are sure to make an impact!

Idea #3: Video Ads

This is a must-do. Currently, every fourth post on Facebook and Instagram is a ‘sponsored’ post or an advertisement. This means that if you’re not in the video ad space on social media, your audiences are scrolling through other people’s ads instead. You can easily narrow down your target audience on these platforms to ensure you’re reaching the right people. So why not capitalize on that huge waiting audience? It does not have to be complicated - a simple video with a clear call-to-action will do!

Types Of Video Content To Attract New Audiences Pt.1
Idea #4: How-to Videos

Providing value for your customer does not end over the counter. Show them how to get from point A to point B, or certain recommended ways to do things in regards to your product and/or service. These small touches are highly appreciated by clients and encourage them to engage further with your brand.

Idea #5: Behind-the-scenes

A highly entertaining and fun video to watch - and to do! Show people what happens when there is usually no one looking. These are the things that make your business successful. It’s a great way to build credibility not only with your clients but in the business world.

Last of all, do remember to keep your video content legitimate and professional by using high-quality royalty-free music.

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