Top 10 Films with Great Scores

POST : 04-25-2019

Many times, when we watch movies, they draw out a lot of excitement from us but that is not tied to the pictures on the screen alone. Most of the excitement we get from movies are as a result of what we hear i.e. the music, and the sound. In most cases, the music and soundtrack used in movies stick longer than the picture itself and this why virtually anyone who has watched Game of Thrones, can hum along to the lovely soundtrack that introduces every episode.
Pictures are good but they do not make the movie experience complete and truly immersive. Sound and music play important roles in inducing emotions and delivering a clear-cut interpretation of the story in the movie.

This article will examine ten movies with the best music scores. The movies contained in this list are great movies with exceptional picture and stories.  However, the music and sound employed in these films resonate with many people who have seen the movies and, they do recall that the music triggered the right emotive senses alongside the story and the picture.

1. Star Wars

Debatably one of the most iconic film scores of all time written by the brilliant John Williams. The epic Star Wars theme is one that is not only recognized worldwide but also one that takes us back to the early period of film music from the cinema days. The composer creatively mixed different layers of horns and strings and coupled them with melodies that help present the right emotions associated with the movies setting in a faraway galaxy.

2. Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the rings theme was composed by Howard Shore. This theme is popular for the composer’s creative blend of drums, brass, strings, woodwind and massive choirs. Howard used the soundtrack to represent different creatures and magic. He employed the use of techniques like irregular time signature and Celtic melodies from the violin to create feelings of tension that fit perfectly into the movie plots and scenes.

3. Indiana Jones Series

The Indiana Jones series is also another great music composition by John Williams. In this series, he employed the use of artistic combination of various percussive instruments to blend well with his use of dissonant melodic structure to create the adventurous feelings derived from the movie. He also employed concepts such as the repetition of simple melodies to support the story through each act.

4. Game of Thrones

The Game of Thrones theme was composed by Ramin Djawadi. Djawadi’s composition is perhaps the biggest musical score for the last decade. With this theme employed and the score created, Djawadi succeeded in creating a unique musical identity for the movie.  He was able to combine different orchestra instrument and he equally synced the theme with each scene and episodes. The musical score contributed immensely to the epic moments derived from the movie. For example, the emotions viewers felt when Jon Snow died was more than the emotions attached to watching a heroic character die because of the melancholic theme employed by Djawadi.

5. Jurassic Park Theme

This is another masterpiece written by John Williams. The use of slow-moving vocals merged with shimmering bells are some of the background sounds you’ll hear in the Jurassic Park series as they were mainly used to connect the primal and the modern. The music employs the use of synthesizers, percussion, and it pitted ancient sounds against contemporary tones.

6. Halloween

John Carpenter is a man to reckon with for the beautiful work he created with this score. The score is threatening and catchy, and like the villain character in the film, it feels as if it will never stop.

7. Titanic

The musical score for this film was written by James Horner. The score contributed to all of the parts that makes the film perfect. The score fits perfectly into each scene in the middle of the ocean. It floats, crashes, rises, and freezes at the right moments and evokes the correct emotions.

8. Braveheart

This is another one from James Horner, and it is recognized globally for its stunningly lavish composition. Horner used his compositional dexterity to capture William Wallace’s journey with elements of Celtic music. He created a score that’s not only melancholic but also breathtaking. The score transports viewers to the hill of Scotland and then immediately to the blood-soaked battlefield expertly.

9. The Godfather

Only few movies have scores that can rival this in terms of invoking the right sound, sight and tone. It was composed by Italian music composer Giovanni “Nino” Rota. This score is so powerful that it has been able to make the strongest of men well up in tears while they listened to it.

10. Jaws

This film score was also written by John Williams. He composed this signature piece of music that many loathe to hear when swimming by using just two notes repeatedly. Played louder as if approaching until you get figuratively eaten by a shark.

The scores listed above are unique in their own rights and can be regarded as standard for any other movies score. These films would not have held us spell-bound like they did without their beautifully composed music scores.


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