Video Editing Tools with Music

POST : 12-09-2019

If you are just getting started in video editing or need to produce videos as quickly as possible, one of your biggest challenges may be finding the right music. One way to make life a little easier at first is to find a video editing tool that has music built right in. Eventually, you will likely find a more extensive catalogue of music options, but these tools may be a great way to get started. Here are some of the best video editing tools that come with music.


Adobe Premiere Rush

Replacing Adobe's popular Premiere Clip is the new Premiere Rush. This app has the advantage of working on an iPhone, iPad, Android device, or desktop. It offers powerful editing tools and automatically syncs to the cloud. That means you can easily pick up where you left off even if you are on another device. For a professional touch, Rush files can be easily imported into the full version of Adobe Premiere for advanced editing and effects. Premiere Rush comes with a library of soundtracks that you can easily import into your projects, edit, and refine to fit your video. Once you are ready to start working with other audio tracks, the app makes it easy to import music from your computer or the cloud.



If you use a Mac, iPhone, or iPad, you already have access to Apple's powerful iMovie. It is not quite as advanced as Apple's Final Cut Pro X, but it has impressive capabilities for a free program. For music, whether you are on your mobile device or desktop, iMovie includes a selection of royalty-free tracks to use in your production. And, when you need a wider variety of tracks, you can import directly from iTunes or, when on your desktop, straight from your hard drive. If your project requires a bit more power, it is effortless to import iMovie projects right into Final Cut Pro X.


GoPro Quik | Desktop

From the makers of the wildly popular GoPro action cameras comes an easy to use desktop app that also comes with its own music library. Designed for GoPro users but available to anyone, Quik is intended to make video editing as fast as possible. It also adds some impressive features for GoPro Hero users. The software can download your GPS data and create charts from your path, speed, elevation gain, and more. Music from the included library can be added and synced with just a couple of clicks.



Camtasia is one of the most flexible video editors on the market in that it has a powerful screen capture tool as well as a fully-featured video editor. It is also effortless to use. Additionally, it comes with an extensive royalty-free music library, and the tracks can easily be added to your project.


How to Get Even More Music

The included music with these tools provides a great way to get started. However, since music is an essential part of high-quality video production, eventually, you will want to have access to a more extensive library of royalty-free tracks for any project. Ligar Music Library offers original, high-quality tracks to give your next video project the sound and mood to stand out from the rest.

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