Social Media Video Tips to Maximise Your Content

POST : 04-19-2022

Every day, we see (not watch) many social media videos. Here is a basic shortlist to make as many people watch your social media videos as possible.

Maximize your YouTube Library

We previously discussed that it is good to use multimedia content to convey your messages to your subscribers. The nature of the different social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube work very differently. Facebook and Instagram are designed to be very fast-paced and scrollable. YouTube can be used more like a library for you to store your videos and have your audience find them at any time easily. Make full use of your YouTube account by uploading your video content onto YouTube for you to send the URL to clients or other audiences easily.

Keep video clips short and concise

The purpose of this is not only to save on storage space. Most of your viewers might be very busy people. Even if they are not busy, most people are not patient enough to watch a lengthy clip. Keep your videos short, detailed, and complete.

Social Media Video Tips to Maximise Your Content
Use designs that correspond to your market

When making a video, make sure that you use graphics and style effects that are suited to your nature of business. For example, it might not be appropriate to use playful music and childish themes in a video that targets adult professionals such as managers, supervisors, and CEOs.

Use subtitles on your videos

People use subtitles for various reasons. They might be listening to music while scrolling through social media. Some might be accessing the web in a public place where the noise is bustling. Some might be hard of hearing. So if you included voice in your video clips, it is wise to add a subtitle. Some social media videos come with only background music and no narration, just text or subtitle!

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