Your YouTube Page needs A Makeover As Well

POST : 03-15-2022

There’s one thing that is an often overlooked aspect of new YouTubers. Many are focused on creating new videos and content - as you should. However, your YouTube profile page should shine as much as your video content.

Why? Well, imagine this. You really like a video you see. You’re a fan and you really want to see more videos from this content creator, or find out more about this person, so you go to their account page to find out how you can support them or their brand. But you go there and it does not tell you anything about this person, so it also looks outdated and unprofessional. Your wallet closes up immediately and you click away to find someone a bit more credible-looking.

That’s how your audience might view you as well. Well, here are a few tips to give your YouTube Page a makeover!

1 Edit your profile page

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, you have greater freedom when it comes to customizing your Youtube profile page. Take this advantage to make your page look more attractive to other users. You can stand out this way.

2 Sport a page design that suits the nature of your business

Do not just sport any page design and theme that you personally prefer. Instead, you must
sport a design that suits the nature of your business. For example, it might be wise to use a cartoonish theme if you are selling toys. On the other hand, you might want a more serious approach if your target customers are professionals.

3 Be creative on a professional level

You need to be creative with your page design. However, it would be best if you did so in a professional way. Do not just be playful. Put some finesse into it. Your viewers will appreciate this and will think that you pay serious attention to ‘quality’.

Your YouTube Page needs A Makeover As Well
4 Hire an expert to do the task

Do you not have the skills to pull off a good page design? Then hire someone else to do it for you. You can outsource this task to online freelancers.

5 Change page design according to season/event/holiday

An attractive design will not stay attractive for too long. People will soon grow tired of it. Offer something new by changing your page design according to season/event/holiday (e.g. Christmas theme, Halloween theme, Sales day theme, etc.).

6 Avoid being over-decorated

In your pursuit to have an attractive page design, you might end up overdoing things. This is a mistake that many online marketers make. The result? Their page looks unattractively shabby.

7 Address any red flags you might see

Don’t forget to keep your licenses and music copyright up to date! You don’t want a red flag appearing on your profile, creating an issue, or even video content takedown on your account. Stop worrying about this and find more licensed music content for your videos at

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