Ideas To Use Video In Your Content Strategy

POST : 11-28-2020

So you know how important video is to your social and content strategy. You also know how essential it is to have consistent posts out to boost your profiles. But sometimes the creative juices run a bit low. 


Here are a few ideas to get some running again!



Product Montage

If you have a product or a service, let’s start with the low-hanging fruit. Putting together the different offerings you have into a video. Short of creating a full corporate video, you can do this using photos to do this as well.


Product Unboxing

A simple video of unboxing your product might spark some curiosity in potential customers. Other variations of this is doing a walk-through or tour of your shop/set-up. 


How-to Videos

Many businesses are afraid of doing this for the fear of ideas or techniques being ‘stolen’. The truth of the matter is, people pay for convenience and service over and actual product. Basically, even if they could do it themselves, they’d rather pay someone to do it for them, or do it for them expertly..Just think of how many people still pay a cafe for a cuppa. 


A how-to video can showcase your expertise, and how much effort goes into your business. 



Similar to the above, this can serve to show customers what actually goes into running your business. Give a quick explanation of your tools or workspace. Take them through what your usual work day is like. 


Show them what they are paying for. Also, customers like to have ‘exclusive access’ behind the counter. 


Live tour

If you have a place of business, take your audience through a virtual tour. Now, you don’t have to have a shop in order to do this. If your work involves just sitting at a desk all day, show your desk! Your equipment used, or why you use and recommend certain items, or place them a certain way can make for interesting content. We have seen this kinds of format be interesting to not only paying customers, but to industry partners as well, so it opens your content up to another set of audience. This opens the doors for you to be a thought-leader in your industry.


Repurpose content

If you’re running low on ideas and just need more consistent content, consider repurposing old content. This can be in the form of old videos, recut into a new video or old photos stitched together (or stitched together differently!). Even old articles can be presented in video formats. If you already have a series of videos, trying putting them into different combinations to make a ‘best-of’ videos. 


The ideas here are endless. Hopefully, these have given you some inspiration. Now start making more video content!


Don’t forget, music is incredibly important in videos as well. Licensed music is equally important. Have good quality, original music at your fingertips at


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