Ideas To Use Your Still Images To Make Videos

POST : 10-28-2020

It’s no secret that videos can supercharge your marketing campaigns. But videos are not that easy to make without the right experience. It takes planning, scripting, the right equipment (even if it’s just a phone) and sometimes a crew. So what happens when you only have a bunch of photos to work with?


Well, with the wonders of technology, and a little bit of creativity, you actually have quite a few options available to you now without going out to shoot a new video.




Though technically not a video, many social media platforms convert and animated GIF into a video when uploaded. As such, they work the algorithm the same way as a regular video. Content does still matter in a GIF so make it count!





This is one of the most straightforward ways that you might have used to make a video using photos. However, short of just converting your Powerpoint slides into a video, online tools and mobile apps offer templates that might add a little pizazz to them that might work better at capturing attention. In fact, if you have an iPhone or an iPad, this is an inbuilt function that can make one for you in just a couple of minutes!



Explainer Videos

One level up from a regular slideshow is You can do so with some free mobile editing apps. You might have taken a few photos at each step of how you baked your signature chocolate cake, or how you crafted that amazing piece of furniture. Stitch them together and throw a narration over it to form a decent ‘how-to’ video! No editing app? Powerpoint allows you to record a video with narration within their software as well!


Parallax Effect

This particular effect was trending for a while, so you might have seen it around. However, if you like this, it would likely require you to have some photo and video editing skills, or hire someone who does.


If you do have Photoshop and/or After Effects at your disposal, this would be a great tutorial to check out.


Hope these gave you some inspiration on how to make use of your photos to create some simple videos for you next marketing campaign and social media post! If you require some music to go along with those videos, do remember to stick to licensed music to keep those videos from getting flagged too!



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