5 Things You Need To Start Making A Video

POST : 12-20-2020

If you're just starting up in making videos, either for your company, for your family and friends or for yourself, you might be a bit lost. There are a whole slew of directions and videos out there that tell you about all sorts of equipment and how to use them. 

But before you dive into the rabbit hole of videography and spend a ton of money of equipment that you then have to use a lot of time and effort to figure out how to use, let's break things down to the bare minimum of what you need if you want to start shooting some videos. 


1. Camera

We're leaving it broad in the camera section because even many smartphones have very good cameras nowadays, enough so that many successful vloggers, filmmakers and content creators make their videos solely off a phone camera. The best camera is what you have on hand, so it is a matter of how you use them.


2. Microphone

You hear many (including us) say constantly that sound is really important. This still applies, no matter the camera that you are using. As with the cameras, accessibility of technology right now allow for many to be able to get a decent microphone at a huge price range that cater for many budgets and purposes.

If you are just starting out with a basic camera, having a microphone attached to your camera to capture more directional sound, or attached to your subject to get clearer sound, will level-up your end product immensely.


3. Light source

If we get into the science of it, capturing something on camera is basically catching light bouncing off an object. As such, it goes without much saying how important light actually is. However, there are some certain hacks in using light that don't require you spending a small fortune on professional lighting.

Notice that we mention 'light source' instead of 'lighting equipment'.The most cost effective light source would be to simply shoot in the day, in an area with good sunlight. More advanced skills and trial and error would also allow you to play with minimal but well-placed light. As with most situations, it's about your creativity in using what you have at hand.


4. Editing tool

Of course, after capturing the action on your camera, you need to put your story together. There is also a huge range of tools out there right now which is perfect for any video maker, from a hobbyist, to a marketer, to professionals. We even wrote a previous article about the different free mobile apps you can use for editing your videos.

But no matter your level, find one that looks for you that can help you tell your story the best. 


5. Music

One of the most overlooked parts of many videos is the music. Even in many full films nowadays, music is often an after-thought. However, if not properly sourced, not only will it ruin the whole experience of watching your video, it might get it removed altogether from its online platform. 

You don't want to have to go through all the effort to drop the ball at the last moment. Get properly-licensed music and audio tracks in order to avoid the same pitfalls that many have encountered before.



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