5 steps to making your YouTube page more authentic

POST : 12-11-2021

The internet is a deep black hole that one can fall into. With the accessibility that social media and internet technology has given us, it has opened up the world to many people. Some of them would not have been given a voice otherwise. This can be a great tool! Pure-hearted content like small good deeds from around the world are now able to get the platform and recognition they deserve, and incredible talent has also found its way to fame.

However, with the rise of the mass media also comes the rise of fake accounts, spammers and inauthentic salesmanship as some people try to take advantage of the technology and others on the platform. 

But the good thing is, online audiences are getting more and more savvy. This means that they are also getting more adept at spotting when you’re putting up a front. It is now more important than ever to be authentic. When creating your YouTube or social media accounts, there are simple yet essential ways to make yourself seem more authentic.


1. Use company logo and name

Viewers must know that your YouTube page belongs to your business/company. Start by decorating your YouTube page with your company logo and name. Make sure that it also appears in each of your videos.


2. Get rid of spam immediately

How does spam affect the authenticity of your page? If you are unable to control spam, people will think that you are not capable of maintaining your page. This will affect how people view you. Audience can see various things within not only what is done, but what is not done as well!


3. Provide a link to your main website

Another way to tell people that you are authentic is to provide a link that will direct people to your company’s official website (if you have one). Also, your official website must provide a link that will direct people to your YouTube page. This allows audience to know that you have a strong online presence. 


4. Keep your videos top-notch

If your videos are of low quality, people will surely relate it to the quality standards of your Company. Many amateur video makers fail in this aspect. One straightforward way is to always ensure you have licensed and high-quality music for your videos. You can also check out our library of royalty-free music at LigarMusicLibrary.com.


5. Post a welcome video

Make at least one video that welcomes YouTube users to your YouTube page. It must be delivered by one of the top officials of your company (owner, manager, supervisor, CEO, etc.). This shows the faces behind your brand while delivering the strong message that you want to deliver. It’s one of the most impactful ways in creating an authentic YouTube page.

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